3 Tips for Handling Rejection on Interracial Dating Sites


Rejection in terms of your love life hurts whether it is online or off-line. Some people believe that rejection on Filipino dating sites should be easier to handle because you have not actually met the person in real life. Unfortunately, the ups and downs of interracial dating can actually mean that online rejection hurts a little more because it tends to happen more often. Before you jump the gun and take it too hard, here are a few tips for handling online rejection on interracial dating websites.

Remember It’s Not Personal

Every single individual is just trying to find their ideal love life online. The thing about online dating is that you are likely to meet more Filipino matches and therefore are likely to encounter a higher ratio of individuals who are not interested in you. Each and every one of us has our own preferences when it comes to our personal life. With this in mind, you have to realize that an individual may not be interested in you for any number of reasons. It’s never personal. It’s just a preference.

Don’t Respond With Anger

It is easy to let the sting of rejection cause you to respond with anger to someone who has rejected you. More often than not, women are the ones to get up in arms about being rejected. Rejection is a part of all aspects of life especially dating. Instead of being angry about not being someone’s preference in a romantic relationship, be thankful that they had the honesty to tell you so. One of the disadvantages of Filipino dating site is that it is very easy for someone to completely ignore your message and leave you wondering whether they are interested or not.

Think The Rule of Sales

The entertaining truth about online dating is that it is a lot like being in sales. A salesperson will tell you that one of their rules is to remember that more rejection you got the more likely you are to get a “yes”. The same principle applies to dating online. As you are rejected by different matches, is an opportunity to decide how you can handle the next communication differently. Sometimes the difference between being rejected and someone who is willing to give you a chance is the difference in how you present yourself. This might mean making changes to your profile, your interests, or your photos. Always remember that your dating profile is like an advertisement for the type of individual you are. As you look through it, ask yourself whether or not it portrays the type of person you are in a relationship.

Being rejected when it comes to romance has nothing to do with how you look or the amount of money you make or even your personality. The simple truth is that every individual has their own preferences in an ideal match. Just because you prefer a certain type of man or woman does not mean that she prefers you. However, the more you put yourself out there the sooner you will find your perfect love.