4 Wrong Reasons For Interracial Dating.


Attitudes towards interracial dating are so progressive that some may prefer to exclusively date from a different race. But are they dating interracially for good reasons?

There are a number of reasons that I’ll advise you on why you should not date interracially, including gaining social status. Dating interracially for wrong and misguided reasons will lead to problems you won’t run away from.

If you want to get into interracial dating because of the following reasons, save yourself the trouble, please don’t!

1.To gain social status.

Some people from minority social groups look for mates from a dominant culture to upgrade their social status. Although today racial minorities are empowered to succeed in the society on their own, some people of color may feel the need to win a spouse from the dominant race to fit into the cooperate level.

No one should opt for dating another race to gain status recognition. If Barack Obama won the presidential seat with a black woman on his side, it is then not necessary to date interracially to gain upward mobility.

2. Everyone is doing it, it’s the current trend.

“Everyone seems to be going the interracial way, why shouldn’t I?” If that’s your big reason for dating someone from a different race, hold your horses.

Don’t proceed to date interracially because your colleagues, friends, and relatives are doing that and you don’t want to be the odd one out. Your dating life should not conform to what is trending or to what everyone is doing. The preferences and chemistry you feel towards someone, whether in your own race or a different race shall face a lot of challenges and if one gets in such because it is trending they might not be able to cope with them.

3. To follow or go against your parents’ wish

Many parents outrightly tell their children which racial groups they approve of them dating and which one they forbid them from dating.  Don’t be pressured to follow your parents’ racist beliefs, but at the same time, don’t marry from the disputed race just because you want to act rebellious to your parents.

If your preference about race differs with that of your parents, it’s thoughtful to discuss the issue with them instead of dragging someone you will end up hurting because you just want to please your parents or go against them. That could be very insensitive on your part.

4. To end the long chain of heartbreaks in your love life

You have dated a number of losers, cheaters and deadbeats. They all belonged to your race so your opinion is all men from this race are bad so you imagine you will make a better love story dating someone from a different race. That’s because losers only come from one race, right? If only it were that simple.

The solution to your romance problem is not crossing the racial line but examining why you have been constantly attracting unworthy partners.

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