6 Ways for a White Guy to Date a Black Woman


Are you a white man who is attracted to black women but have problems approaching them? Honestly, approaching a black woman is no different from approaching any other woman. Here are a few black women white men dating tips on how to win that black woman over.

Ask her out

So, you have never dated a black lady in the past but are now interested in asking one out, how about a line like, “Hey gorgeous, are you free this evening? Maybe we could grab coffee or drinks or something?” She is a woman like any other. Attracted to a woman? Ask her out.  It all has to start somewhere.

Don’t pretend you’re black

The next crucial step will be focusing on being the real self. Many guys feign to be a man that they think a woman wants, which is a recipe for disaster in many different ways. Do not forget the fact that you will have to fake that “other” personality for the duration of your relationship, which is a lot of work and not much fun either. You’ve met a woman who is attracted to white men; keep her attraction by remaining white. Try and avoid acting in some other way.

Have an open-mind

When dating someone from a different race, it is so natural to have a different opinion when discussing various topics. When in a relationship with someone from a different background, be ready to come across ideas that may agree or not agree with what you believe in. In such a case, resist the urge to think your way is automatically ‘right’ and theirs is ‘wrong’.  Once you start to get to know the lady for who she is, you start to find out that cultures are different in interesting ways. You might even learn something new.

Be truthful.

One mistake the majority of men make when going into relationships is to pretend they are looking for something serious. In most cases a man is looking for a short relationship; to be blunt, sex. All you want is to add a black woman to your sex resume. Be honest, you might end up liking each other or even getting a lifetime partner!

See her as a woman first.

Try to avoid seeing this as some racial science experiment. You’re on a date, with a lady like any other. Make the woman feel you like her for who she is. She will want to know you find her attractive so make her feel as if, at least for that moment in time, you find her the most alluring female in the room. Like any other woman, she’ll read everything you’re thinking from your body language. But it’s so much better if you can honestly give her the message that, of all the beautiful women present, she is the one you find the most desirable.

Interracial relationships are often the most fun and bonding. By using these tips, you may find yourself getting the kind of life partner we all want.