Mixed Dating: How to maximise your chances of finding a lover

If you are one of those people out there who are finding it hard to meet a lover on the interracial dating scene, making a few changes to your lifestyle could be just what you need. What are those changes? Here are 7 great things you can do today which will maximise your chances of finding your dream lover.

  1. Sign up to interracial dating or mixed dating sites– Apart from going to the club, signing up to a dating site is one of the best ways to maximise your chances of finding a lover. Not only does it give you access to many people at the same time but you can change the setting to only show you people close to you eliminating the distance barrier. It is very easy to get started and all you have to do is set up a profile, upload a picture and start chatting with matches.
  2. Sign up to the gym– The gym isn’t just a good place to keep fit; it is also a wonderful place to meet like minded people. You can sign up for classes and meet plenty of new people in the process.
  3. Switch your everyday routine up a bit– We all have a favourite place where we usually have our lunch or coffee. Instead of going to the same place over and over again each and every day, try changing things up and going to a different place with a different environment and surrounding. Who knows, you might meet you ideal lover there.
  4. Go out more– If sitting at home watching soaps, reality television and films are your thing over the weekend it is time to chance that. If your friends are having a get together or a birthday party, tagging along doesn’t hurt at all and you will maximise your chances of meeting new people and potentially finding love.
  5. Smile and don’t forget to make eye contact– With everyone stuck in their own bubble and the busy lives we have, not a lot of people take the time to observe their surroundings. They say “when you smile, the whole world smiles with you” give that a try next time you are out. Smile and make eye contact with people, even if it does lead to anything it is a nice gesture and also a good chance at finding love. You never know you might be smiling back and making eye contact with you.
  6. Try to spend time with your work mates– If you spend plenty of time with your workmates, chances are they will introduce you to their friends when you tag along with them for some after work drink. This increases your chances of meeting a lover by about 15%.
  7. Finding new hobbies– Anyone out there looking for interracial or black women white men love would be happy to know that love can sometimes come by finding people who share the same interests as you. It makes the dialogue on the first date very easy and you are both participating in a hobby you all love and enjoy.


4 Wrong Reasons For Interracial Dating.

Attitudes towards interracial dating are so progressive that some may prefer to exclusively date from a different race. But are they dating interracially for good reasons?

There are a number of reasons that I’ll advise you on why you should not date interracially, including gaining social status. Dating interracially for wrong and misguided reasons will lead to problems you won’t run away from.

If you want to get into interracial dating because of the following reasons, save yourself the trouble, please don’t!

1.To gain social status.

Some people from minority social groups look for mates from a dominant culture to upgrade their social status. Although today racial minorities are empowered to succeed in the society on their own, some people of color may feel the need to win a spouse from the dominant race to fit into the cooperate level.

No one should opt for dating another race to gain status recognition. If Barack Obama won the presidential seat with a black woman on his side, it is then not necessary to date interracially to gain upward mobility.

2. Everyone is doing it, it’s the current trend.

“Everyone seems to be going the interracial way, why shouldn’t I?” If that’s your big reason for dating someone from a different race, hold your horses.

Don’t proceed to date interracially because your colleagues, friends, and relatives are doing that and you don’t want to be the odd one out. Your dating life should not conform to what is trending or to what everyone is doing. The preferences and chemistry you feel towards someone, whether in your own race or a different race shall face a lot of challenges and if one gets in such because it is trending they might not be able to cope with them.

3. To follow or go against your parents’ wish

Many parents outrightly tell their children which racial groups they approve of them dating and which one they forbid them from dating.  Don’t be pressured to follow your parents’ racist beliefs, but at the same time, don’t marry from the disputed race just because you want to act rebellious to your parents.

If your preference about race differs with that of your parents, it’s thoughtful to discuss the issue with them instead of dragging someone you will end up hurting because you just want to please your parents or go against them. That could be very insensitive on your part.

4. To end the long chain of heartbreaks in your love life

You have dated a number of losers, cheaters and deadbeats. They all belonged to your race so your opinion is all men from this race are bad so you imagine you will make a better love story dating someone from a different race. That’s because losers only come from one race, right? If only it were that simple.

The solution to your romance problem is not crossing the racial line but examining why you have been constantly attracting unworthy partners.

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What Are the Challenges of Interracial Dating in a Relationship?

While funny looks and occasionally rude people may test a casual interracial relationship, people will really start to get annoying when you actually decide to commit to each other and let them know your plans.  For some reason, this provokes people and even the nicest of friends and relatives may start to get weird.

Here are a few challenges you should prepare for and some graceful ways of responding that minimize conflict.

1.Some people may not understand that you’re together.

Call it a quirk but many people are quick to assume that a black and white couple, or Asian and Latino couple are not “together” but might be friends or something.  This isn’t really hardcore racism, so there’s no need to get upset.  But DO be firm and remind everybody that this IS your boyfriend and girlfriend and that you’re not shy or embarrassed by it.  Your partner will be glad to see you so confident and in control!

2. Your partner is going to get hit on by other guys/girls.  It’s not a racial thing.

Okay, chalk this one up to paranoia.  Sometimes one person in an interracial relationship may get really angry when another person hits on their boyfriend/girlfriend—you know, because this rude person is ASSUMING you can’t possibly be together since you’re of a different race!

Believe it or not, it’s not a racial thing.  Some couples are too quick to become defensive.  We must understand that your partner is always going to be desired and looked at by other people regardless of race…because that’s just human nature.  There are plenty of lonely singles out there and sometimes they take a chance.  Just be honored that your partner is so beautiful/handsome and then remind the other person that this beauty is taken.

Sometimes friends and friends of your partner may also exhibit very “soft” racist attitudes – especially when it comes to the assumption that your black boyfriend/girlfriend should be with a black “sister” – and that the white girl is stealing a brother!

All that talk is ridiculous and totally unfair to the individual who may simply be attracted to a person for personal reasons – and it has nothing to do with status or symbol or anything like that.

3.Some people want you to play teacher.

The notion that you have to answer all these tough questions about interracial dating is sort of ridiculous and not exactly a PC attitude.  But don’t be surprised if family and friends ask you invasive and borderline stupid questions like “Do you only date Asians?” or “What does your family think of you dating a black person?” or “I dated a Native American once…”

These are all silly questions but usually they’re not given in a spirit of hostility.  Instead, the other person is just awkwardly trying to bond with you, in a strange way, but still an earnest effort.  Try to be respectful, but at the same time, don’t be dragged into a debate on race.  You love your partner because of who they are, not because of a political statement.

Don’t let people intimidate you, even if they’re your friends and family.  You and your partner deserve respect and you can act gracefully and yet be firm in your opinions at the same time.


Dos and Don’ts for Interracial Dating: Tips for western man dating Filipino women

Let’s face it, Filipina and interracial dating in general can be a rather controversial topic. But it can also be a really fun one. It all comes down to the way you look at it and the type of experience that you want to have from this.
That being said, most of the time there will be some do’s and don’ts that you have to keep in mind in regards to Filipina dating. The idea here is to be focused and calm, because these tips can help you increase your dating chances with the right girl.

Avoid taking curiosity as a personal thing

Remember that she is not knowing you at all. So if you want to date here, you have to let her know you. This means taking a lot of time exploring who you are, what you do and so on. Things like this are not going to be very simple right off the bat.
Understand her, don’t pressure her though

Putting pressure on her is not a good idea. Let her be the way she is. That can be a whole lot of fun and it can bring in front some really interesting and unique experiences. It’s going to be worth it for sure, and in the end that can be a delightful thing. It’s important to understand her and not pressure her at all.
See if there are concerns

Talking and proper communication are crucial here. As long as you talk with her and get to know her in a true manner, results can be really good. It’s going to be worth it for sure, so try to focus on value and quality as much as you can. As you will see, it’s definitely going to bring in front some outstanding solutions.

Value her opinions

Not listening to her is a mistake. Every Filipina has a good mind and sense of ideas, so try to harness that. Listen to her, understand her motives and her motivation. But keep your opinions to yourself, unless they are extremely important!

Teach her new things

Of course, let her ask for something like this. The idea is to know what she wants and to adapt yourself to the situation when the time comes. It’s not going to be an easy feat, but it’s certainly going to be worth it in the end.
Stay clear from race differences

Every Filipina dislikes this talk when dating a person from other country. It’s safe to say that the race talk is not pleasant at all. Most of the time it ends in fights, so you might as well try to avoid all of that.

The good thing is you can use all these great ideas fast and the results will surely be outstanding. Adapt to this and make sure that you avoid the sensitive topics. There’s a lot of stuff to talk about, so talking about something insensitive will just be a waste of your time!


Finding Love In Today’s World For Interracial Dating


It may sound like a never ending task but it doesn’t have to be that way, and if you are into interracial dating then you can find exactly what you want with ease. The truth is that dating has evolved quite significantly through the years. This means that there is truly something and someone for everyone. So no matter what your niche may be or if that includes specific types of relationships or things such as interracial dating, you can find it.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you want to start to hang out where people you may be interested in do. By spending time with people who fit your ideal criteria, you have a much better chance at meeting them. This is where being very clear on what you want can help you to find it. In this day and age where online dating is so prevalent, it’s much easier to find love fitting your own unique criteria.

Use This As Your First Major Stepping Stone To Finding Love

Start by using a bigger online site and then narrowing down your criteria. In many instances you can focus on race or culture which can help you to narrow the playing field. Don’t let this be your only criteria though for there is so much more to a person than just their race—it does make for a good starting point though if you happen to be somebody who has interest or attraction in somebody of a different race than you. At least get started by focusing on this criteria but then you can keep going from there.

Better yet you can go to some very streamlined and specific interracial dating apps or websites that happen to be focused on interracial dating. This is a great way to start off right and focus on something that really intrigues you. From there you obviously need to narrow it down to ensure that you are compatible. When you focus on race it’s more than that when it comes to finding love. This is where it’s good and suggested to be selective so that you are absolutely sure to get what you want.

It may not always be easy initially but you have to be clear and honest with yourself about what you want. If you are somebody who is truly interested in interracial dating then go for it. This is your opportunity to change the landscape of your love life forever and start to really focus on what you want.

With online dating and very targeted dating opportunities overall, you have a great chance at this. Be honest about what you want but then go in with an open mind. If you want somebody in a different race that’s great, but see what else lies beneath the surface.

You just might find somebody who you initially thought wouldn’t be a match who is. There is so much to gain and so many wonderful people to meet and if you use this as your first and most important starting platform then you can only find love that much easier. This is a different day and way of dating, so focus on interracial dating and use this to help you in finding love in the best way possible from here.


How To Try Interracial Dating Initially


It may be a concept that seems so far beyond you. It may be that you simply aren’t sure of how to get started. The truth is that interracial dating doesn’t have to be such a big deal if you go into it ready for something new and exciting. You might find the love of your life. You may find out a lot about yourself. You may find a whole new culture that you love to be a part of. No matter what you do though you find that getting started is the most important thing within interracial dating and that starts with you and how you approach this.

The first thing to do with this type of dating is to open up your mind to the possibilities that lie ahead. Perhaps you have been somebody who has always dated within your own race. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with this. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, but rather that you have always just dated a certain type of person. You are about to blow that out of the water. You are about to meet some really cool great people who are totally different than you. So getting yourself mentally prepared is often the most important part of this journey.

How You Approach This Will Change Everything

Then it’s time to put yourself out on the best dating websites. Nearly every dating website has filters that you can adjust so that you meet people from all different walks of life. Beyond that though you want to try to seek out some of the newer or niche websites. If interracial dating is something that you are open to then cater your search accordingly. There are some awesome sites out there which will help you to find people of different races, of different cultures, and of different backgrounds. This can make your search easier and then you can get into the fun dating part which is great.

You may find that you have to prepare your loved ones for this change, but that’s really up to you. This is a new way of dating and just like anything else sometimes your loved ones have a hard time embracing your change. That’s their issue and not yours, but just go in knowing that there may be some initial negativity surrounding this type of dating. That should not at all influence your decision, but just go in prepared for it.

What you will find is that interracial dating can be a really wonderful and exciting thing, but you first have to get into the right mindset and readiness for it. Ignore the negativity and know that this is a very common way of dating in this day and age. You will find true happiness if you go in with an open mind and ready for the possibilities that interracial dating can hold for you.

There can be much happiness that lies ahead so just be sure that you are ready and that you get started with the right attitude and mindset. You are going to change the landscape of your love life forever and that’s a really wonderful thing in the end, so try it and see how amazing interracial dating can be for you.



Communicating is key to a healthy, fulfilling relationship, and this applies to any relationships. However, interracial couples face other challenges when it comes to communicating and understanding each other.

Here are 4 challenges you may be facing as a couple and how to overcome them:


How you were raised as a child has a lot of impact on who you are as an adult. In fact, you have probably noticed that you and your partner seem to do things quite differently. From manners, to what you eat for breakfast, everything you do is the results of how you were raised.

To be more accepting and understanding of your partner, you need to talk and discuss your childhood and why you do the things you do the way you do them. Take the time to communicate with your partner and you will certainly improve your daily life as a couple.


Education has a great impact on who you are as a person as well.

Depending on your upbringing and your background, you may not have had the same access or opportunities to get an education. You may find that your partner feels self-conscious about it.

It is your job as a partner to make sure that your significant other feels important and appreciated for who they are. At the end of the day, you chose them because you thought  they were wonderful individuals. Education should not matter in your interracial relationship.

That being said, it’s important to discuss the matter to diffuse some potential issues.

Often, when you ask someone why they think they have found “the one”, they say that their partner make them want to be a better version of themselves. Always try to encourage them – without pushing – to be their best selves so they can overcome their own insecurities.

3.Cultural background

Cultural background and environment shape a person into thinking, acting, talking and eating a certain way. Sometimes it might be difficult to understand your partner and rightfully so. Sharing stories about your culture and what it was like growing up may very well help you understand each other better.  Cultural habits aren’t easy to modify as they are ingrained in someone’s being.

If, however, it is really affecting your relationship, try to express how such and such behavior affects you and how you would like to find a compromise.

4.Language barrier

Being able to express one’s emotions and feelings as authentically as possible is really essential.
If your partner has a moderate command of the language, they might seem shy or reserved in social situations. If your partner doesn’t speak nor understand your family’s language, it may create a certain distance between them and be harder for them to feel part of the family.

Try your best to include your partner during family reunions, translate whenever necessary and don’t allow your family to speak about your partner without addressing themselves to her directly out of courtesy. Don’t miss an opportunity to teach your significant other a few words and encourage them as much as you can or even suggest classes or online courses.

It will be a good investment down the road and will definitely benefit your interracial relationship on many levels.


Best restaurants for interracial dates in the New York City (Part II)

This part is a continuation of the blog titled, ‘Best restaurants for interracial dates in the New York City (Part I).’ Here, you will learn about some more restaurants that are perfect for interracial dating in the New York City.

4. Best for foodies: Petrossian
Whereabouts: Midtown, 57th and 7th

If you and your black partner are foodies, then Petrossian could be your ticket in Manhattan. No matter if you have lived in the New York City for 15 years for just for 2 months, Petrossian can really surprise you with its amazing New York feel. It offers some delicious caviar and fish. So, take your foodie girlfriend or boyfriend to celebrate a birthday, anniversary night, or some other special event at Petrossian.

5. Best place for a New York-like date: David Burke’s Kitchen
Whereabouts: Avenue of the Americas, Grand Street, and Soho

Whether you have lived in New York for your whole life or only for some years, the city still has something magical about it. And, when you want to spend some special moments with your interracial partner and take him or her to a fine dining restaurant, then David Burke’s Kitchen is the best option.

Located in different locations in Manhattan, this amazing bistro offers a nice New York feel, which many interracial couples look for. Moreover, it is near your place or just one or two subway stops away.

6. Best for double dates: Del Frisco’s Grille
Whereabouts: Avenue of the Americas and Midtown, 50th

New York does not have many places that are not-too-fancy or too serious at the same time. But, Del Frisco’s Grille is one of the few places, where you can go with your mixed race partner and have delicious food. Here, you do not have to sacrifice on either price or flavor, as at Del Frisco’s Grille you can get the best of both worlds, including upscale food as well as a casual dining experience.

Moreover, the restaurant has many comfy couches, TV screens, and ample of space to throw big parties. This is what makes this place, a perfect go-to location for double dates. And, even if you finally want to introduce your new interracial sweetheart to your pals, then also Del Frisco’s Grille is an ideal spot.

7. Best for meeting your lover’s parents: Ocean Prime
Whereabouts: Avenue of the Americas and Midtown, 51st

If you are planning to meet your partner’s parents or of taking your parents to meet your interracial beloved, then Ocean Prime is a great option for you. Not only does this iconic restaurant is low-key, but it is also high-class.
With exceptional service, a whole history of the best servings, as well as tall ceilings, Ocean Prime has everything to impress your or your partner’s parents. They will love the food as well as your partner. Although, you may certainly find this bistro expensive, it is worth the extravagance for the experience and the quality on a special night.

With these, our list of the best restaurants for interracial dating in the New York City ends. If you find any other great place in NYC apart from these, then do tell us.


Interracial Dating Advice

Interracial dating in the western world isn’t what it used to be. The days when thematter is frowned on are no longer there. People are more acceptable to a mixed-race romantic relationships such as dating or even marriage. That said, there are still those who conflicted with interracial couples and there are groups of people that reject the idea completely. Still, by the whole, if you live in the US, the UK, Canada and a many of other countries, interracial dating isn’t some big of a deal.

If you find it difficult being accepted as a couple, because you have friends who get a little uneasy around your new partner either boyfriend/girlfriend because of their race, if people confront you over something as undignified as the color of your partner’s skin, there are a few things you can do to overcome that.

If you have friends that disdain to accept your couple for who they are, then you have to ask yourself if those kind of friends are really deserve keeping around. It can be shocking for some to realize that longtime friends have secretly been having racist prejudice all along, and all they required was the proximity of someone of a different race to bring it out of them. They feel bothered upon by your decision to have a romantic relationship with someone of another race, and the truth is that it is their problem to deal with, not yours, so make it comprehensible that they can neither accept your boyfriend or girlfriend nor find new friends. The bottom line is if possible in any way, avoid individuals who disrespect you and your partner’s decision to be together.

Secondly, you should take into account the people who lives you. Many of us from predominately white or predominately black or predominately Asian, Latino or any other sort group of people may not remember that just because we can go through the vicinity feeling completely safe doesn’t mean that our partner never feels insecure. Some places, some communities, some groups just aren’t tolerating at all of other races. If you aim at getting serious with your partner, you should respect looking for a place or a community where diversity is ordinary, somewhere where both of you can feel secure and recognized.

And finally, don’t care too much to anyone who has a problem with your partner’s skin colour, regardless of what they try to say. Someone who tells you that “Interracial children will have a hard time being accepted” may as well be saying “they will have a hard time being accepted by ME.”. The growing numbers western community is generally accepting of mixed-race couples. It’s not an American or European culture that disapproves interracial dating, it’s people and small pockets of civilization stuck in the late 1950’s mind set. If your object of affection is someone who’s black, who’s white, who’s Hispanic or any other race, that’s your prerogative, nobody else’s.


Top 4 interracial dating ideas in Chicago

Do you reside in Chicago? Or does your mixed race partner lives in Chicago? If any of the answers to these questions is a yes, then you should definitely read this blog post, because it can give you some fantastic dating ideas in Chicago.

Being the third biggest city in the United States, Chicago is a distinct metropolis, full of gorgeous waterfront, friendly strangers, and big-city culture. The Windy town is a nice place to date interracially.

Here are some dating ideas for you, if you are seeing someone in Chicago.


Improvisational theater is very famous in Chicago. In fact, the city is home to this type of theater. You can check out the world-famous “The Second City” or “iO Chicago Theater” and make your interracial partner guffaw. You can laugh it up with your date at these places.

Moreover, the amateur improvisational troupes and small comedy clubs will ensure that you spend a hilarious night. You can also go to “The Playground,” which is the by-donation-only, non-profit co-op improvisational group of Chicago, which takes place on Sundays. Also, it is always BYOB here.

You can also try listening to live music instead of a laugh. Chicago is the native land of house music and is known for soul, jazz, and blues. It also incorporates a legendary indie scene. For old-style jazz aficionados and trendsetters, “The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge” is a great option. If you are a fan of swing music, then you should go to this place on Thursdays or Tuesdays. This character-filled place used to be a favorite hangout place for Charlie Chaplin and Al Capone.

If you love blues, you can visit “Kingdom Mines” in the North Side of Chicago. Head to “The Old Town School of Folk Music” to get an open house on every month’s first Friday. You can just bring your dancing shoes or an instrument and your date with you. Or else, just sip drinks. “Millennium Park” is a great place, if you want some background music and free performances from different genres.

Is music and comedy not your cup of tea? Then, take your interracial partner to a poetry slam. You can go to the “Vittum Theatre” to see “The Encyclopedia Show.” Here, you can see poets and writers who regularly create hilarious works instantly.

You can also check out the poetry night of “In-One-Ear” that takes place at the “Heartland Café.” Here, Pete Wolf, the local poet hosts music and spoken-word performances, each lasting for just five minutes. The “Pabst Blue Ribbon” here will cost you only $2.50. Additionally, you can see the popular “Uptown Poetry Slam” of Green Mill at the “Heartland Café.”

4. EAT
This is the best option, if you are a foodie. And, if you want to take your biracial partner to some special eating joint in Chicago, then take him or her to “Giordano’s.” Here, you can get the city’s doughiest, cheesiest, and sauciest pizza. You can also go to “Pizzeria Uno,” the place where deep dish was invented.
If you are not a great fan of pizza, you can impress your partner by reserving a spot at “L2O” or “Alinea,” one of the two 3-star bistros in Chicago. In July, you can walk with your date through the “Taste of Chicago” at the Grant Park.

So, have fun and use these interracial dating ideas to impress your interracial partner in Chicago.