Communicating is key to a healthy, fulfilling relationship, and this applies to any relationships. However, interracial couples face other challenges when it comes to communicating and understanding each other.

Here are 4 challenges you may be facing as a couple and how to overcome them:


How you were raised as a child has a lot of impact on who you are as an adult. In fact, you have probably noticed that you and your partner seem to do things quite differently. From manners, to what you eat for breakfast, everything you do is the results of how you were raised.

To be more accepting and understanding of your partner, you need to talk and discuss your childhood and why you do the things you do the way you do them. Take the time to communicate with your partner and you will certainly improve your daily life as a couple.


Education has a great impact on who you are as a person as well.

Depending on your upbringing and your background, you may not have had the same access or opportunities to get an education. You may find that your partner feels self-conscious about it.

It is your job as a partner to make sure that your significant other feels important and appreciated for who they are. At the end of the day, you chose them because you thought  they were wonderful individuals. Education should not matter in your interracial relationship.

That being said, it’s important to discuss the matter to diffuse some potential issues.

Often, when you ask someone why they think they have found “the one”, they say that their partner make them want to be a better version of themselves. Always try to encourage them – without pushing – to be their best selves so they can overcome their own insecurities.

3.Cultural background

Cultural background and environment shape a person into thinking, acting, talking and eating a certain way. Sometimes it might be difficult to understand your partner and rightfully so. Sharing stories about your culture and what it was like growing up may very well help you understand each other better.  Cultural habits aren’t easy to modify as they are ingrained in someone’s being.

If, however, it is really affecting your relationship, try to express how such and such behavior affects you and how you would like to find a compromise.

4.Language barrier

Being able to express one’s emotions and feelings as authentically as possible is really essential.
If your partner has a moderate command of the language, they might seem shy or reserved in social situations. If your partner doesn’t speak nor understand your family’s language, it may create a certain distance between them and be harder for them to feel part of the family.

Try your best to include your partner during family reunions, translate whenever necessary and don’t allow your family to speak about your partner without addressing themselves to her directly out of courtesy. Don’t miss an opportunity to teach your significant other a few words and encourage them as much as you can or even suggest classes or online courses.

It will be a good investment down the road and will definitely benefit your interracial relationship on many levels.


Best restaurants for interracial dates in the New York City (Part II)

This part is a continuation of the blog titled, ‘Best restaurants for interracial dates in the New York City (Part I).’ Here, you will learn about some more restaurants that are perfect for interracial dating in the New York City.

4. Best for foodies: Petrossian
Whereabouts: Midtown, 57th and 7th

If you and your black partner are foodies, then Petrossian could be your ticket in Manhattan. No matter if you have lived in the New York City for 15 years for just for 2 months, Petrossian can really surprise you with its amazing New York feel. It offers some delicious caviar and fish. So, take your foodie girlfriend or boyfriend to celebrate a birthday, anniversary night, or some other special event at Petrossian.

5. Best place for a New York-like date: David Burke’s Kitchen
Whereabouts: Avenue of the Americas, Grand Street, and Soho

Whether you have lived in New York for your whole life or only for some years, the city still has something magical about it. And, when you want to spend some special moments with your interracial partner and take him or her to a fine dining restaurant, then David Burke’s Kitchen is the best option.

Located in different locations in Manhattan, this amazing bistro offers a nice New York feel, which many interracial couples look for. Moreover, it is near your place or just one or two subway stops away.

6. Best for double dates: Del Frisco’s Grille
Whereabouts: Avenue of the Americas and Midtown, 50th

New York does not have many places that are not-too-fancy or too serious at the same time. But, Del Frisco’s Grille is one of the few places, where you can go with your mixed race partner and have delicious food. Here, you do not have to sacrifice on either price or flavor, as at Del Frisco’s Grille you can get the best of both worlds, including upscale food as well as a casual dining experience.

Moreover, the restaurant has many comfy couches, TV screens, and ample of space to throw big parties. This is what makes this place, a perfect go-to location for double dates. And, even if you finally want to introduce your new interracial sweetheart to your pals, then also Del Frisco’s Grille is an ideal spot.

7. Best for meeting your lover’s parents: Ocean Prime
Whereabouts: Avenue of the Americas and Midtown, 51st

If you are planning to meet your partner’s parents or of taking your parents to meet your interracial beloved, then Ocean Prime is a great option for you. Not only does this iconic restaurant is low-key, but it is also high-class.
With exceptional service, a whole history of the best servings, as well as tall ceilings, Ocean Prime has everything to impress your or your partner’s parents. They will love the food as well as your partner. Although, you may certainly find this bistro expensive, it is worth the extravagance for the experience and the quality on a special night.

With these, our list of the best restaurants for interracial dating in the New York City ends. If you find any other great place in NYC apart from these, then do tell us.


Interracial Dating Advice

Interracial dating in the western world isn’t what it used to be. The days when thematter is frowned on are no longer there. People are more acceptable to a mixed-race romantic relationships such as dating or even marriage. That said, there are still those who conflicted with interracial couples and there are groups of people that reject the idea completely. Still, by the whole, if you live in the US, the UK, Canada and a many of other countries, interracial dating isn’t some big of a deal.

If you find it difficult being accepted as a couple, because you have friends who get a little uneasy around your new partner either boyfriend/girlfriend because of their race, if people confront you over something as undignified as the color of your partner’s skin, there are a few things you can do to overcome that.

If you have friends that disdain to accept your couple for who they are, then you have to ask yourself if those kind of friends are really deserve keeping around. It can be shocking for some to realize that longtime friends have secretly been having racist prejudice all along, and all they required was the proximity of someone of a different race to bring it out of them. They feel bothered upon by your decision to have a romantic relationship with someone of another race, and the truth is that it is their problem to deal with, not yours, so make it comprehensible that they can neither accept your boyfriend or girlfriend nor find new friends. The bottom line is if possible in any way, avoid individuals who disrespect you and your partner’s decision to be together.

Secondly, you should take into account the people who lives you. Many of us from predominately white or predominately black or predominately Asian, Latino or any other sort group of people may not remember that just because we can go through the vicinity feeling completely safe doesn’t mean that our partner never feels insecure. Some places, some communities, some groups just aren’t tolerating at all of other races. If you aim at getting serious with your partner, you should respect looking for a place or a community where diversity is ordinary, somewhere where both of you can feel secure and recognized.

And finally, don’t care too much to anyone who has a problem with your partner’s skin colour, regardless of what they try to say. Someone who tells you that “Interracial children will have a hard time being accepted” may as well be saying “they will have a hard time being accepted by ME.”. The growing numbers western community is generally accepting of mixed-race couples. It’s not an American or European culture that disapproves interracial dating, it’s people and small pockets of civilization stuck in the late 1950’s mind set. If your object of affection is someone who’s black, who’s white, who’s Hispanic or any other race, that’s your prerogative, nobody else’s.


Top 4 interracial dating ideas in Chicago

Do you reside in Chicago? Or does your mixed race partner lives in Chicago? If any of the answers to these questions is a yes, then you should definitely read this blog post, because it can give you some fantastic dating ideas in Chicago.

Being the third biggest city in the United States, Chicago is a distinct metropolis, full of gorgeous waterfront, friendly strangers, and big-city culture. The Windy town is a nice place to date interracially.

Here are some dating ideas for you, if you are seeing someone in Chicago.


Improvisational theater is very famous in Chicago. In fact, the city is home to this type of theater. You can check out the world-famous “The Second City” or “iO Chicago Theater” and make your interracial partner guffaw. You can laugh it up with your date at these places.

Moreover, the amateur improvisational troupes and small comedy clubs will ensure that you spend a hilarious night. You can also go to “The Playground,” which is the by-donation-only, non-profit co-op improvisational group of Chicago, which takes place on Sundays. Also, it is always BYOB here.

You can also try listening to live music instead of a laugh. Chicago is the native land of house music and is known for soul, jazz, and blues. It also incorporates a legendary indie scene. For old-style jazz aficionados and trendsetters, “The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge” is a great option. If you are a fan of swing music, then you should go to this place on Thursdays or Tuesdays. This character-filled place used to be a favorite hangout place for Charlie Chaplin and Al Capone.

If you love blues, you can visit “Kingdom Mines” in the North Side of Chicago. Head to “The Old Town School of Folk Music” to get an open house on every month’s first Friday. You can just bring your dancing shoes or an instrument and your date with you. Or else, just sip drinks. “Millennium Park” is a great place, if you want some background music and free performances from different genres.

Is music and comedy not your cup of tea? Then, take your interracial partner to a poetry slam. You can go to the “Vittum Theatre” to see “The Encyclopedia Show.” Here, you can see poets and writers who regularly create hilarious works instantly.

You can also check out the poetry night of “In-One-Ear” that takes place at the “Heartland Café.” Here, Pete Wolf, the local poet hosts music and spoken-word performances, each lasting for just five minutes. The “Pabst Blue Ribbon” here will cost you only $2.50. Additionally, you can see the popular “Uptown Poetry Slam” of Green Mill at the “Heartland Café.”

4. EAT
This is the best option, if you are a foodie. And, if you want to take your biracial partner to some special eating joint in Chicago, then take him or her to “Giordano’s.” Here, you can get the city’s doughiest, cheesiest, and sauciest pizza. You can also go to “Pizzeria Uno,” the place where deep dish was invented.
If you are not a great fan of pizza, you can impress your partner by reserving a spot at “L2O” or “Alinea,” one of the two 3-star bistros in Chicago. In July, you can walk with your date through the “Taste of Chicago” at the Grant Park.

So, have fun and use these interracial dating ideas to impress your interracial partner in Chicago.


Don’t Settle…Search for that Perfect Interracial Relationship!


It’s an unfortunate trend in our modern world that many lovers are “settling” for a partner that’s pretty good, and fulfills most of their dating criteria…but who still lacks that special spark! Maybe you’re in the same shoes right now. You’ve met someone that you like, an interracial partner that you’ve been hooking up with or maybe just dating on interracial dating app, but you feel that something’s missing.

Loving But Not In Love

Maybe he or she is:

• Physically attractive but not too bright
• A good friend but not very sexy
• Sexy and smart but immature
• Way too much drama!
• Insane or too dangerous for you!
• Ignorant, racist or patronizing

And so on. It really is sad when you have the desire to be with someone but there’s something about them that prevents you from having the perfect relationship. Your friends and family may tell you that you should appreciate them rather than wish they were perfect. Then again, you look at other couples and they seem to have it all. Attraction, intellectual compatibility, emotional fulfillment and shared goals in life.

Is This an Interracial Problem?

Not necessarily, although an intense attraction to an interracial partner can be hard to resist, even if you know the person is wrong for you. Maybe you can sense there’s incompatibility but figure the relationship is still red hot because of your attraction to black / white partners. Bear in mind though that incompatibility will always come back and become a major issue—even if you think that you can ignore it for now.

During the first few months or even years, sexual compatibility can blind you to nagging flaws of the person you’re with, and sadly, bar you from exploring other people you might be more compatible with. The simple answer is, that if you don’t feel completely fulfilled don’t mislead the person into thinking this is a long-term relationship. It’s one thing to realize that your partner isn’t perfect…but quite another thing to just settle for someone who isn’t really making you happy.

Test Yourself

One way to know for sure is to answer a series of questions to determine how you really feel about your black or white partner.

• Would you still desire them if they were the same race or ethnicity as you?
• Is it more of a physical or emotional connection?
• Are you in love with his/her family, the culture, or is it really just their personality?
• Do you have mostly peaceful times with a few problems or do you have difficulty recalling good times?

Remember there are always going to be available interracial partners so there’s no reason ever to just “settle” on someone because you think no better offer is coming for you. With our new interracial dating app, you are practically guaranteed to find someone that’s right for you—a race, mindset, body shape and personality type that is your ideal. Come browse through our profiles and find out just how easy it can be!


Interracial Dating: Debunking the Stereotypes

I completely make out that this will be my most spicy article, but it begs discussion because, honestly, there aren’t many others that are bodacious enough to take the topic.

It’s 2013; negative stereotypes still haunting mixed race relationships. Why? Well, I’m just going to get down to the point here. It’s all about sex and status. When society associates stereotypes with interracial dating sex and status are the ones that usually crosses to mind. Let’s talk about them candidly, shall we?
Sex has traditionally been a volatile issue when it comes to interracial dating and marriage, and it provoked mostly by the urban legends that we’re all kept in mind but do not boldly discuss it. Without being crass or graphic, you could say that some particular groups are assumed to be more aggressive sexually or working with superior equipment. Other groups are considered to be looking for those things out because they can’t find them on their own.

Let’s dig a bit further. If you see a black-white interracial couple. Now, you may belong to people who don’t care about what causes their cherishing one another are happy and fine to see it. Or, you might belong to the group of people that assumes that the pair is together for the same reasons that bring normal couples together, like same interests and real chemistry based on feelings. Or, you might belong to that group of conservative people that prejudiced she’s with him because he’s a wealthy man and she wants to rebellious to daddy or that he’s with her because she’s manipulable, into kinky stuff and wants to diss white people.

Status is the other assumption that automatically cross to mind. It’s common to find individuals who think that the reason behind interracial dating is none other than to have a better social status. The thinking here is that certain demographic groups are having a more material wealth and higher social status than others. And, evidently, the assumption is that other groups cannot able to find higher social and economic platform within their own groups so they, in turn, seek it out elsewhere.
Let us see another scenario. This time, let’s make the couple an Asian man and a black woman. Do you subscribe to the perception that they are a pair for all the right reasons or that she’s with him because he is loaded with money? And to bring everything full circle with the other half of the equivalence, that he’s with her because she’s that great in bed?

The reason that these stereotypes to be disapear are because the USA has finally become the melting pot that it was always hyperbolized to be. White privilege and their family’s wealth will exist but class society is starting to get heterogeneous because the thing that matters is money.

No matter how hard some may try to drag to the mud love with disfavored and lustful opinionit is, in fact, blind. Mixed-raced couples are the resplendent proof of that.


Truth about interracial dating in the United States

After legalization of interracial dating by Supreme Court in United States of America in the year 1967, interracial dating has become frequent in the recent past. Anti-Miscegenation law plays a key role in interracial dating. Here are few facts about interracial dating in the United States.

The rate of interracial marriage has been increased from 2.9 to 5.4 percent from 90s to 2000. A recent survey says that interest of interracial dating has been increasing rapidly in the United States. In 90s seventy percent of the US population accepted interracial dating. By the end of year 2006 it has been increased to 86 percent by the study of Roper Reports. Objection to interracial dating has been reducing these days.

Stats say that more than 50 percent of American’s are dating interracially. Yancey did a study of adults from age 18+ for more than 2500 students. It tells us that 35 percent of white American’s dated interracially. 56 percent of African American and 55 percent of Hispanic American and 57 percent of Asian American who attended racially integrated schools or college are dated interracially.

Yancey also tells that white people who are huge in numbers in America are less to date interracially. He also says that the White’s like to be racially isolated from other races. Yancey further said that European American prefer people of different color when it comes to interracial dating. Yancey suggested that it is best to take survey with teenagers about interracial dating.

Jack Ludwig, a research director at Gallop Poll took a survey on 1360 adults, which tells us that more than 86 percent of people age from 18 to 29 approves marriage of people from different races. Also, 30% of people who are aged above 65 approve interracial dating. Study by Yancey in adults says that people who attend interracial schools in which 17 percent of whites date black and 33 percent of whites accept Hispanic partners. Adding to it, about 10 percent of Asians dated Black’s and one third of Hispanics too dated Black’s. Survey on teens says that about 70 percent of them accept to date interracial, but 20 percent do not agree. It is because; they think that dating interracial is against their society.

Gallup survey has found out that teens that dated a interracial partner suffered problems from people of their own race. Nearly 33 percent of White and Black students, who dated together, faced a problem from other Black and White’s.

Gallup figured that black students faced a highest resistance from their family over interracial dating of all group surveyed. 90 percent of Asians, Hispanics and Whites said their parents are fine and agree to interracial relationship. But nearly 60 percent of black students said that their parents are resistant to their interracial relationships. He added that the experience and way of living from a white person and as a black person is totally different in the United States of America.

Yancey and Ludwig both agreed that acceptance to interracial dating is not increasing as fast as you think but it is increasing steadily. After all, nothing can stop love, isn’t it?


The best interracial dating apps

The online world is full of interracial dating websites. It has been a while since interracial dating became popular and more and more people started registering for their accounts on one of the many interracial dating websites. However, now the scenario has changed. With latest technologies and mobile devices, people want everything on their mobile device. They are leaving behind their big desktops or PCs and switching to their smartphones and tablets.
Seeing this change, interracial dating websites have also come out with their mobile applications for making it more convenient for their customers. Unlike the websites, mobile apps can be easily accessed from your phone, do not take much time to open up, and also have some offline features. Moreover, you can access them on the move, in a boring meeting, or in between your hectic work schedule.

Though, there are a number of interracial dating apps nowadays. So, how do you decide which one is the best and which one is not? Or, which app is suitable for you and which one is not. To make this easy for you, we have listed down some of the popular interracial dating apps that are the most trending nowadays. You can choose one of these interracial dating apps and create your account on it.

Have a look at the following interracial dating apps.

1. InterracialMatch
Interracial Match is one of the top interracial dating websites in the online world. You would have known this, if you would have done some research on interracial dating websites. Nevertheless, this popular website has its mobile application too, with the same name. You can easily download the mobile app of InterracialMatch on your Android or iPhone device free of cost and meet new people beyond your own race.

The InterracialMatch app is compatible with iOS 6.0 or a later version of iPhone. It is also compatible with iPod touch and iPad. You can simply create your account on this app free of cost and access its standard features. However, if you want to use its premium features, you must register for a gold membership, which starts from $44.99 per month.

2. Mixy
Mixy is one of the other interracial dating apps. It allows you to date, find, and meet your interracial match and form interracial relationships with Asian, African, Caucasian, Afro, Latino, Mixed, and Hispanic race. You can download it free of cost on your Android mobile device or iPhone. It is compatible with a 3.1 or later version of Android and iOS 7.0 or a later version of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Creating an account on Mixy will not cost you anything. You can easily create your profile on this interracial dating app and access its standard features free of cost. However, if you want to access its advanced features, you must shell out some money, as its premium membership starts from $39.99 per month.


The reason behind the popularity of interracial dating apps and websites

Interracial dating was not so popular some years ago. However, with the changing times, people started to look into interracial dating. With this, came up the many online interracial dating sites and apps, so that people can easily find their right interracial partner in a quick way.

With the advent of online interracial dating apps and websites, things became easier, as now you do not have to worry about interracial dating. You just have to register yourself on one of the interracial dating sites, create your account, and get going. That’s it!

So, let us look at some of the reasons why interracial dating websites and apps have got so popular nowadays:


Where in the real world, you have limited options; in the online world, you have plenty of dating options. As opposed to the real world, interracial dating websites and apps offer you ample options from which you can choose your ideal dating partner. You can select your partner as per your own preferences from a pool of other members.


You can search for your ideal match by using the search criteria on the various interracial websites. Different interracial sites and apps have different search criteria, but all have some common search filters, including your sexual preference, the age of your prospective partner, city, country, ethnicity, etc. Their advanced search criterion allows you to search on the basis of height, complexion, language, personality, etc.


The interracial dating websites and apps allow you to search for your potential partner from across the world. As opposed to the real world, it does not limit only to your neighborhood, city, or state. Here, you can find your special someone from a different country or area. This also opens up different avenues to meet new and unique people who come from a different culture and background.


With the changing world, the mindsets of people are also changing. They are progressing in their lives and taking on to accept new norms. One of such things is interracial dating. Today more and more people are open to date interracially as opposed to the former times. They do not think that race has anything to do with their partner. If he or she has a nice nature, an appealing personality, and a trustworthy background, then they will date that person, no matter if he or she belongs to a different race than theirs. For them, race is not an important criterion to judge or know anybody.


Interracial dating sites and apps are perfect for people who want to mingle with like-minded individuals from a different race than theirs. It’s not because they hate people from their own race, but it’s because they are open to experimenting and have a natural inclination towards other races. These people are the perfect examples of true love, as they know that love has no boundaries or limitations.


It is a natural tendency of human beings to experiment. This is why people tend to get attracted to people who are not from their own race, have a distinctive appearance, or belong to a different background. People love to socialize with different races and new people. Again, it does not mean that such people despise their same race people; it’s just that their preferences are different.

So, these are some of the reasons behind the popularity of various online interracial dating apps and websites. Since, more and more people want to date interracially and are opening up about their love preferences beyond race, these interracial websites and apps are flourishing.


Things you’re likely to experience as an interracial couple

These days it isn’t uncommon being in a family with interracial marriages. Being part of such as family would expose you to a lot of things you wouldn’t have seen or experienced earlier. Interracial dating bring with them a host of surprises that a lot of people aren’t expecting. This is why experts advise people looking to get into an interracial relationship to perform a fair deal of research prior to jumping into unchartered waters.

This is an account of an interracial couple explaining what being in an interracial relationship is like:

The language barrier cannot be overlooked: We all speak English but does that mean we understand each other. Understanding is beyond language and there are chances you might fail to understand your partner in spite of knowing each others’ languages. Accent is one aspect that comes into picture in this regard. For instance, English spoken in China or Spain is very different from that spoken in the United States and you’d find it difficult to understand the other person.

Religious discussions: This is certainly one of the most popular topics that would crop up in a mixed racial marriage. This is evident when you belong to a race where more emphasis is on culture and maintaining traditional integrity. If you’re dating a person hailing from the United States, you’d realize that things work very different there. People are open – minded there and your beliefs might contradict theirs.

Wedding ceremonies: Every race or culture has a different style of wedding ceremony. In case of an interracial marriage, you might have to endure the same thing twice. That’s double the time spent as well as the money. Well, things are better said than done. For instance, if you date an Asian, you’d be confused looking at the sheer number of ceremonies that you’d have to endure as part of the wedding.

Children: There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that your children would look very different from others, thanks to their mixed cultural heritage. This would be evident when your child is a combination of black and white parents or Asian and Black parents. Whilst he / she would certainly be adorable, he would be a memorable creation. In case your child achieves something spectacular in life, he would be remembered by all.

Being in an interracial relationship is tough and there is no second opinion on the same. Everything is bound to change once you start dating a person of a different race on interracial dating sites or interracial dating apps. In addition to this, you’re likely to become more tolerant and start viewing at things from a completely different perspective or rather, a neutral one. In addition, the experiences are different depending on whom you’re dating and the aforementioned points don’t have a universal appeal.