Communicating is key to a healthy, fulfilling relationship, and this applies to any relationships. However, interracial couples face other challenges when it comes to communicating and understanding each other.

Here are 4 challenges you may be facing as a couple and how to overcome them:


How you were raised as a child has a lot of impact on who you are as an adult. In fact, you have probably noticed that you and your partner seem to do things quite differently. From manners, to what you eat for breakfast, everything you do is the results of how you were raised.

To be more accepting and understanding of your partner, you need to talk and discuss your childhood and why you do the things you do the way you do them. Take the time to communicate with your partner and you will certainly improve your daily life as a couple.


Education has a great impact on who you are as a person as well.

Depending on your upbringing and your background, you may not have had the same access or opportunities to get an education. You may find that your partner feels self-conscious about it.

It is your job as a partner to make sure that your significant other feels important and appreciated for who they are. At the end of the day, you chose them because you thought  they were wonderful individuals. Education should not matter in your interracial relationship.

That being said, it’s important to discuss the matter to diffuse some potential issues.

Often, when you ask someone why they think they have found “the one”, they say that their partner make them want to be a better version of themselves. Always try to encourage them – without pushing – to be their best selves so they can overcome their own insecurities.

3.Cultural background

Cultural background and environment shape a person into thinking, acting, talking and eating a certain way. Sometimes it might be difficult to understand your partner and rightfully so. Sharing stories about your culture and what it was like growing up may very well help you understand each other better.  Cultural habits aren’t easy to modify as they are ingrained in someone’s being.

If, however, it is really affecting your relationship, try to express how such and such behavior affects you and how you would like to find a compromise.

4.Language barrier

Being able to express one’s emotions and feelings as authentically as possible is really essential.
If your partner has a moderate command of the language, they might seem shy or reserved in social situations. If your partner doesn’t speak nor understand your family’s language, it may create a certain distance between them and be harder for them to feel part of the family.

Try your best to include your partner during family reunions, translate whenever necessary and don’t allow your family to speak about your partner without addressing themselves to her directly out of courtesy. Don’t miss an opportunity to teach your significant other a few words and encourage them as much as you can or even suggest classes or online courses.

It will be a good investment down the road and will definitely benefit your interracial relationship on many levels.