Don’t Settle…Search for that Perfect Interracial Relationship!



It’s an unfortunate trend in our modern world that many lovers are “settling” for a partner that’s pretty good, and fulfills most of their dating criteria…but who still lacks that special spark! Maybe you’re in the same shoes right now. You’ve met someone that you like, an interracial partner that you’ve been hooking up with or maybe just dating on interracial dating app, but you feel that something’s missing.

Loving But Not In Love

Maybe he or she is:

• Physically attractive but not too bright
• A good friend but not very sexy
• Sexy and smart but immature
• Way too much drama!
• Insane or too dangerous for you!
• Ignorant, racist or patronizing

And so on. It really is sad when you have the desire to be with someone but there’s something about them that prevents you from having the perfect relationship. Your friends and family may tell you that you should appreciate them rather than wish they were perfect. Then again, you look at other couples and they seem to have it all. Attraction, intellectual compatibility, emotional fulfillment and shared goals in life.

Is This an Interracial Problem?

Not necessarily, although an intense attraction to an interracial partner can be hard to resist, even if you know the person is wrong for you. Maybe you can sense there’s incompatibility but figure the relationship is still red hot because of your attraction to black / white partners. Bear in mind though that incompatibility will always come back and become a major issue—even if you think that you can ignore it for now.

During the first few months or even years, sexual compatibility can blind you to nagging flaws of the person you’re with, and sadly, bar you from exploring other people you might be more compatible with. The simple answer is, that if you don’t feel completely fulfilled don’t mislead the person into thinking this is a long-term relationship. It’s one thing to realize that your partner isn’t perfect…but quite another thing to just settle for someone who isn’t really making you happy.

Test Yourself

One way to know for sure is to answer a series of questions to determine how you really feel about your black or white partner.

• Would you still desire them if they were the same race or ethnicity as you?
• Is it more of a physical or emotional connection?
• Are you in love with his/her family, the culture, or is it really just their personality?
• Do you have mostly peaceful times with a few problems or do you have difficulty recalling good times?

Remember there are always going to be available interracial partners so there’s no reason ever to just “settle” on someone because you think no better offer is coming for you. With our new interracial dating app, you are practically guaranteed to find someone that’s right for you—a race, mindset, body shape and personality type that is your ideal. Come browse through our profiles and find out just how easy it can be!