Interracial Dating: Debunking the Stereotypes


I completely make out that this will be my most spicy article, but it begs discussion because, honestly, there aren’t many others that are bodacious enough to take the topic.

It’s 2013; negative stereotypes still haunting mixed race relationships. Why? Well, I’m just going to get down to the point here. It’s all about sex and status. When society associates stereotypes with interracial dating sex and status are the ones that usually crosses to mind. Let’s talk about them candidly, shall we?
Sex has traditionally been a volatile issue when it comes to interracial dating and marriage, and it provoked mostly by the urban legends that we’re all kept in mind but do not boldly discuss it. Without being crass or graphic, you could say that some particular groups are assumed to be more aggressive sexually or working with superior equipment. Other groups are considered to be looking for those things out because they can’t find them on their own.

Let’s dig a bit further. If you see a black-white interracial couple. Now, you may belong to people who don’t care about what causes their cherishing one another are happy and fine to see it. Or, you might belong to the group of people that assumes that the pair is together for the same reasons that bring normal couples together, like same interests and real chemistry based on feelings. Or, you might belong to that group of conservative people that prejudiced she’s with him because he’s a wealthy man and she wants to rebellious to daddy or that he’s with her because she’s manipulable, into kinky stuff and wants to diss white people.

Status is the other assumption that automatically cross to mind. It’s common to find individuals who think that the reason behind interracial dating is none other than to have a better social status. The thinking here is that certain demographic groups are having a more material wealth and higher social status than others. And, evidently, the assumption is that other groups cannot able to find higher social and economic platform within their own groups so they, in turn, seek it out elsewhere.
Let us see another scenario. This time, let’s make the couple an Asian man and a black woman. Do you subscribe to the perception that they are a pair for all the right reasons or that she’s with him because he is loaded with money? And to bring everything full circle with the other half of the equivalence, that he’s with her because she’s that great in bed?

The reason that these stereotypes to be disapear are because the USA has finally become the melting pot that it was always hyperbolized to be. White privilege and their family’s wealth will exist but class society is starting to get heterogeneous because the thing that matters is money.

No matter how hard some may try to drag to the mud love with disfavored and lustful opinionit is, in fact, blind. Mixed-raced couples are the resplendent proof of that.