Interracial Dating in UK


Are you aware of the fact that United Kingdom has got the highest number of interracial couples and interracial dating in the UK is on a constant rise since the introduction of online dating platforms. Interracial dating is no more a taboo. No one raises an eyebrow when seeing an interracial couple walk hand in hand into a club, bar or restaurant.

interracial dating in the UK on the rise


Studies suggest that almost one out of every tenth person in the UK has been into an interracial relationship. Analysis of 2011 census data also suggests that interracial marriages and relationships have become more common.

The reason for the rise in interracial dating

Education and globalization

interracial dating in the UK


Education is one of the main reasons for the rise in interracial relationships, people once educated and working in multi-national companies are more open towards being in a relationship with someone from a different ethnicity.

Migration patterns

No doubt that the UK has got a large share of migrants who have been working and living there since a long time now. The peoples who have migrated from different countries to the UK were found to be more tolerant and respectful towards other communities as well.


Finding a partner from different race and community has got so easy that youngsters were found to get their self-involved in an interracial relationship out of curiosity. People are getting more open towards knowing more about other community and the interracial relationship is not a taboo anymore.

the trend of interracial dating in the UK

Some facts on interracial relationships in the UK

  • Till 2011 alone, approximately 2.3 million people were living as a part of interracial couples.
  • Apart from the high number of interracial relationships, White British have managed to segregate themselves from the interracial relationships.
  • People from mixed ethnic groups were most likely to be found in the interracial relationship
  • Biggest differences in sexes were found to be in Chinese, where women were twice likely to get themselves into the interracial relationship as compared to Chinese men.

Fun Things about Interracial Relationships

Be a part of the change

We are living in a time where radical groups are killing people on the basis of caste and religion, this world needs more people like you who are broad-minded and people who can think above race and religion.

Interracial relationships are working as a bridge to connect people from the different cultural backgrounds and it is giving you the opportunity to understand and respect other’s faith.

Breaking stereotypes

People have bad habits of stereotyping everything, people belonging to every ethnicity are labeled with stereotypes, no matter if you are Asian, African or a European; people are going to stereotype you according to their past experience with your community and religion.

Interracial relationships give you the capability to challenge the stereotypical mentality of society; you can prove them that your behavior is as unique as theirs.

A lot of learning

If you are fascinated by the learning different cultural values and like to have in-depth knowledge about other cultures as well then the interracial relationship is going to be the best experience for you.

I remember my first date with an Indian when he took me to an Indian food carnival to make me aware of their eating patterns, and I was seriously impressed with the quality of food and spices Indians have.  That experience made me have more interested in interracial dating and I have started dated guys from different cultures to grasp the best things from them.

Could have never got this easy

Before 2001 interracial relationships were not very common because of the obvious reasons, I mean I wanted to date someone from a different religion but I was in no mood to date anyone from my office and I was left with very few options. Online interracial dating has made things way too easy, now you can just hop on the specialty website and arrange a date for yourself from the very large database.

Online dating can be casually used to find people from different background, I love to hear their stories and know more about their cultural values. I have found some of my dearest friends through online dating platforms.


If you are still wondering if you should try for the interracial dating then I would just suggest you a simple solution. Just create a nice profile, arrange a coffee date with random strangers and spend some quality time with him/her. It’s okay to hang out with someone even if you are not interested in a relationship. You might end up finding your life partner in those hangouts with random people from the different cultural background.