Truth about interracial dating in the United States


After legalization of interracial dating by Supreme Court in United States of America in the year 1967, interracial dating has become frequent in the recent past. Anti-Miscegenation law plays a key role in interracial dating. Here are few facts about interracial dating in the United States.

The rate of interracial marriage has been increased from 2.9 to 5.4 percent from 90s to 2000. A recent survey says that interest of interracial dating has been increasing rapidly in the United States. In 90s seventy percent of the US population accepted interracial dating. By the end of year 2006 it has been increased to 86 percent by the study of Roper Reports. Objection to interracial dating has been reducing these days.

Stats say that more than 50 percent of American’s are dating interracially. Yancey did a study of adults from age 18+ for more than 2500 students. It tells us that 35 percent of white American’s dated interracially. 56 percent of African American and 55 percent of Hispanic American and 57 percent of Asian American who attended racially integrated schools or college are dated interracially.

Yancey also tells that white people who are huge in numbers in America are less to date interracially. He also says that the White’s like to be racially isolated from other races. Yancey further said that European American prefer people of different color when it comes to interracial dating. Yancey suggested that it is best to take survey with teenagers about interracial dating.

Jack Ludwig, a research director at Gallop Poll took a survey on 1360 adults, which tells us that more than 86 percent of people age from 18 to 29 approves marriage of people from different races. Also, 30% of people who are aged above 65 approve interracial dating. Study by Yancey in adults says that people who attend interracial schools in which 17 percent of whites date black and 33 percent of whites accept Hispanic partners. Adding to it, about 10 percent of Asians dated Black’s and one third of Hispanics too dated Black’s. Survey on teens says that about 70 percent of them accept to date interracial, but 20 percent do not agree. It is because; they think that dating interracial is against their society.

Gallup survey has found out that teens that dated a interracial partner suffered problems from people of their own race. Nearly 33 percent of White and Black students, who dated together, faced a problem from other Black and White’s.

Gallup figured that black students faced a highest resistance from their family over interracial dating of all group surveyed. 90 percent of Asians, Hispanics and Whites said their parents are fine and agree to interracial relationship. But nearly 60 percent of black students said that their parents are resistant to their interracial relationships. He added that the experience and way of living from a white person and as a black person is totally different in the United States of America.

Yancey and Ludwig both agreed that acceptance to interracial dating is not increasing as fast as you think but it is increasing steadily. After all, nothing can stop love, isn’t it?